Karla Pereira

Karla Pereira is a pop surrealist based in Valencia (Spain). Since she was  little she felt intrigued by drawing, painting, singing, dance and all art in general, but she did not receive any formal training in any of  these areas. Her interest in art continued through the years and in 2012  she started studying towards a degree in History of Art, at the same  time she started self-taught oil painting.   

​These  early works focus on an expressionist style, inspired by painters like  Edvard Munch or Jackson Pollock. After some time, inspired by the Blythe  dolls, she started doing paintings that focus on female characters,  whose appearance (head and big eyes) resembles these dolls. During the  course of her career in History of Art, she discovered new styles and  iconography that inspire her work, exerting a great influence from the  Renaissance, Baroque and European portraiture periods from the  eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

Her work also reflects the beauty and power of women, being them the main  characters of her paintings, and the exaltation of beautiful and  precious animals like the cat is an important subject of her pieces too.  Her work have been exhibited already in several countries and sold to  collectors around the world.

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