Spark! 2

Artwhirl Gallery is pleased to present our second annual group show titled, 'Spark!' Spark! is a dynamic show featuring a diverse group of talented artists from around the world for a special show in Long Beach, New York!

Participating Artists:
Lea Barozzi, Xhanthi, Valentina Brostean, Phoenix Chan, Kim Gordon, Saskia Huitema, Kahla Lewis, Jen Lightfoot, Regina Mailloux, Samantha Mullen, Hana Mulyati, Brittni Paul, Silvia Pavarini, Olga Ponomorenko, Dillon Pringle, Arabella Proffer, Vasilisa Romanenko, Amber Michelle Russell, Carla Secco, Carolina Seth, Michelle Waters, Skye Becker-Yamakawa and more!