Cori Derfus - "Sweet Fox"
Cori Derfus

Cori Derfus - "Sweet Fox"

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Artist: Cori Defus

Title: Sweet Fox

Medium: 9"x12"

Dimensions:  Watercolor and Graphite on cold press watercolor paper

Bio: Cori is a pop-surreal and narrative painter. Much of Cori’s art references a love of nature and animals. Her subject matter involves a reflection on the relationship between one's self and others and how one might exist alongside our world and its inhabitants. Her paintings integrate pieces of her past with current reflections on relationships with people, animals and our natural world. Her paintings have been sold and exhibited worldwide.   

Cori currently resides in the Pacific Northwest, US. She received a BFA in painting from the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh and works out of a studio in her home that she shares with a menagerie of critters, both real and make-believe