Lara Dann - "A Dark Touch"

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Artist: Lara Dann

Title: A Dark Touch

Medium: Acrylic on Wood 

Dimensions: 8"x 8". (Framed in floating frame)

Bio: A Southern California native, Lena Sayadian is currently in Los Angeles working as an illustrative artist. She received her MA degree from Cal State University of Northridge (CSUN) with an emphasis on painting and illustration in 2013. Prior to this, Lena attended CSUN for her undergraduate degree in art and attended an art preparatory school during her high school years. Her work focuses on the ideas of life, death, rebirth and growth using natural imagery while playing with the idea of balance in nature. Lena’s pieces have been exhibited at several local galleries across the Los Angeles area including Cactus Gallery, La Luz de Jesus, Flower Pepper and more. On her spare time she had volunteered as a teacher with Imagination Connection, a budding non-profit art therapy organization designed to help the developmentally disabled, Alzheimer’s patients, seniors, veterans and at-risk youth for several years. Her mission now is to help spread the idea about the importance of nature and its connectedness and incorporation to human life.

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