Stephanie Stevenson- "Forbidden Fruit Bat” Print

Stephanie Stevenson- "Forbidden Fruit Bat” Print

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Artist: Stephanie Stevenson 

Title: Forbidden Fruit Bat

Medium: Archival print.

Dimensions:  8" x 10"

Bio: Born and raised in the small town of Clayton, NJ, in a small house next to the woods, Steph’s fascination with the natural world began. She also spent much of her time going on family camping trips every year, being secluded in nature exploring different plants, animals and terrains. Her relationship and fascination with the natural world is evident in her art, where she explores various types of flora and fauna and their relationship to one another. Her artwork can be described as beautiful yet grotesque, both visually and thematically, just as nature is itself. Her intent is to simultaneously attract and disturb the viewer, and to create a slight feeling of uneasiness through the use of contrasting imagery. Her fascination with the obscure and ironic forces of nature is often reflected upon in even her smallest pieces.

Steph continued her artistic journey by attending Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA, where she graduated in 2016 with a BFA in Illustration. Since graduating, Steph's artwork has been featured in several galleries and publications. Her first gallery experience was in 2017 during “Philly Loves Bowie Week” where she displayed a Bowie-dedicated piece at Ruckus Gallery. Steph’s work has also been displayed at Pitman Gallery and Arts Center, The Convent Philly and soon to be in Gristle Art Gallery, NY. She also had a recent feature in a publication of Numinous Magazine’s latest “Occult” issue. In between working at a graphic art and print studio in Philadelphia, and working on personal pieces for art shows, Steph attends local events and markets to vend her artwork and merch.

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