Eve Hammer - "each day"

Eve Hammer - "each day"

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Artist: Eve Hammer

Title: each day

Medium: acrylic ink, pen and white-out on wood board

Dimensions: 8 x 8 inches

Bio: Eve Hammer is a mixed media artist, who primarily works on salvaged wood and wood board. She treats these surfaces as if they are just larger, thicker pieces of paper that she can draw on. The use of pen, ink, marker, pencil and other materials like white-out are utilized like paint. She aims to create drawings that are paintings or paintings that look like drawings. She uses her tools in non-traditional ways, creating works that combine an organic feel with a more mechanical one. Eve is inspired by the soft geometry that is shared between the micro and macro worlds found in nature. She tries to describe an inner world through her work that is an intuitive reflection of the subconscious mind. She is very much a process artist and uses her work as a medium of meditation. Through the use of color and line, she gives life to an inner emotional dialogue while honoring the surface she creates on.

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