Olga Ponomorenko - “It’s Always Time to Give Or Take a Gift”

Olga Ponomorenko - “It’s Always Time to Give Or Take a Gift”

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Artist: Olga Ponomorenko

Title: It’s Always Time to Give Or Take A Gift

Medium: Oil on Board

Dimensions: 2” x 3”

Bio: Olga was born in Russia and her education in art started in Russian art school, where she learned about academic technique in drawing and painting. After her immigration in 2000 she continued her art education in the United States. In 2009 she graduated with a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design and in 2015 she graduated with her MFA from California State University.
Taking advantage of Postmodernist freedom that broke the boundaries between High Art and Kitsch, Olga Ponomarenko have been exploring imaginary realism, 15th_16th century masters and contemporary Pop Surrealism through her paintings. Her influences also include wild animals, forest, fairytales, mythological creatures, dreams, surrealist artists, mass media, confections, celebrities, feminism, etc. She mostly works in oils, sometimes with acrylics, watercolor and gauche.
In Olga’s recent painting animals are the major subjects. She paints animals with objects, inside objects, or surrounded by objects that belong to human world, such us clothes, candy, furniture, walls and more. In her paintings wild animals are depicted in an appealing and cute manner, not only for the viewers entertainment but to break a stigma of being “ugly filthy” animals and highlight their vulnerability.
Olga Ponomarenko exhibits locally, nationally and internationally. In 2012 her work was part of the annual LA Art Show at the Los Angeles Conventional Center. Her work has been shown in The Inverarity Gallery, Scotland, in the Art Renewal Center, NY, NY, Salmagundi Art Club, NY, NY, La Bodega Gallery in San Diego, Flower Paper Gallery in Los Angeles, La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles. Currently, Olga Ponomarenko represented by Cactus Gallery LA where she exhibited since 2016.

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