Phresha - "Facets Of The Mind II" Print

Phresha - "Facets Of The Mind II" Print

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Artist: Phresha

Title: "Facets Of The Mind II" Print

Medium: Print on Archival Paper

Dimensions: Three Sizes 5" x 7", 8" x 10" and 11" x 14" unframed

Bio: Phresha is a Vancouver-based visual artist, immersed in a variety of creative practices ranging from painting, to jewelry and clothing design and largescale art installations. Phresha comes from a background of streetart mixed with a formal arts training, having spend her foundation years immersed in the culturally diverse environments of Toronto and Montreal.  Phresha draws her inspiration from the natural beauty of the world around her, as well as the mysterious, cosmic realms of the imagination. Her artwork explores whimsical, mystical themes and features strange, magical creatures that reside in a universe parallel to ours. Her hyper-surrealistic and mystical dreamscapes invoke feelings of playful wonder and ethereal beauty.  Phresha's art has been featured in numerous galleries around the world, as well as various music festivals and print/online publications. Currently, Phresha is focusing on gallery shows, mural projects with her collective Galactikitty and exploring the beautiful world around her. 

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