(Reserved) - Funfetti Mask

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This mask was created as part of the Mask Project by Artwhirl founder Kim Gordon. 

What began as a Facebook post showing a personal mask I created became its own creative project. I started making masks specifically for reuse, using materials sourced in the United States from retailers and independent sellers online. I realized my project could help support other US citizens in these uncertain times. Some masks will also be reversible so the wearer can change styles...so it’s like getting two masks for the price of one. 

My masks are reusable, washable, full coverage, reversible and comfortable. Each mask consists of:

- 3 layers: 2 layers of cotton fabric (may vary from picture) and one layer of HEPA non-woven filtering fabric or Activated Carbon fabric.

- The HEPA/ Activated Carbon fabric filter fits in the pocket between the two cotton layers and is removable and also can be replaced.
- The mask is secured with soft elastic around the ears, so there is no ear irritation or mask slipping.
- Lining may be black or white with color-coordinating stitching detail

- The fit is easily adjusted to suit your unique face shape via shaping wire.

These masks should be gently hand-washed and air dried. Remember to remove the HEPA/ Activated Carbon cloth filter before laundering. All masks were created in a smoke free and pet free environment.

These masks are good for travel, crowds, smog, second-hand smoke, dust, other irritants and allergens.

PLEASE NOTE: These masks are for personal use. These masks are not certified medical devices and do not claim to be capable of countering the Corona virus or CoVid-19. Please follow the guidelines/ directions from the WHO, your National and Local Public Health Department(s). Remember...a well made mask is better than no mask. Please stay safe everyone!




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