Sakura Diffuser

Sakura Diffuser

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Welcome to our reed diffusers! Each set comes with one 4oz bottle of reed diffuser liquid and five reed diffuser sticks. Enjoy a low-maintenance scent throw, all day long!

4oz/ 118ml


  • 4 oz glass diffuser bottle with black cap
  • Lasts 3-4 months with proper care
  • Synthetic fiber reeds for improved scent performance


  • 100% VOC-free diffuser liquid
  • Clean, Phthalate-free fragrance
  • Cruelty-Free

How to Use: 

Unscrew the plastic cap on the bottle

Unbundle and insert reeds directly into bottle.

Flip weekly or as needed to refresh the scent, if scent fades.

-To create a lighter, more subtle scent throw, insert just a few reeds or remove as needed!

-Keep away from direct sunlight or other heat sources to avoid drying out the reeds.

-Our fragrance oils are not developed for aromatherapy diffusers or humidifiers.

-Do not consume and keep away from children or pets. If the oil spills, clean up immediately, as the oils and resins can cause damage to some finishes.

*Ships Ground Only, and available within the continental US only.*


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