Valentina Brostean - “Weird Man with a Small Umbrella”

Valentina Brostean - “Weird Man with a Small Umbrella”

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Artist: Valentina Brostean

Title: Weird Man with a Small Umbrella

Medium: ink, watercolor, ballpoint pen, on aquarelle fine art paper, with glossy protective varnish

Dimensions: 5” x 7” (Framed)

When it rains so many strange characters emerge on the streets. I always notice how people behave when they're "armed" with an umbrella! It tells so much about human nature. I noticed one day this man with a very small umbrella, it was raining and he had this little thing that might have been of his grand children... It was much smaller then it supposed to be! Man was running, rain was hitting hard, it seems he had a tricky situation to handle and so many thoughts on his mind...”

Bio: Valentina Brostean is a multidisciplinary Artist, originally from Novi Sad, Serbia – currently based in beautiful sunny Italy. Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts Novi Sad, Serbia she holds the BFA degree in graphic design and MFA degree in Illustration. Her bold, colorful style, often described as Pop Art meets Surreal Expressionism, is a striking lesson in the use of courageous, unexpected compositions and bold, bright colors that are perfectly describing her state of mind and wild temperament, the Balcan one!

Valentina has specialized in Editorial and Fashion illustration mostly using her well know playful collage technique. Her widely recognizable style has established her as one of the emerging contemporary artists appreciated by selected international clients such as Armani Exchange, Washington Post, Corriere Della Sera, Bicycle USA amongst many others.

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